From Loss-Making Facebook Ads to A Profit-Making Community

Community Labs teamed up with retentium to help them build more pipeline for their e-commerce email marketing agency. 

Retentium has a high ticket customer base with an average LTV of 6 months & monthly retainer of $4,000. This means that we were targeting a deal worth atleast $24,000.

For this we needed to make sure that our leads were warm before they got on call with us.

We started by building a Facebook group & a newsletter called “dtcsnippets”.

We then started launching marketing campaigns with the newsletter as the main offer. We launched Facebook Ads, Cold Email & many other marketing strategies. 

We got almost 200+ e-commerce brands to subscribe to the newsletter. We then created a content strategy tailored towards the jab jab and hook method. We gave two jabs in the form of value based emails and then one hook where we shared a case study of a brand that benefited from retentium. We rinsed and repeated this until we had almost 140 subscribers that were regularly opening our emails.

From those 140, we got two inbound leads. However, we felt like there were more in there so we built an outbound sequence tailored towards just 140 folks.

We got almost 13 calls scheduled and over 4 closes cumulatively.

We also added 4 new warm leads to the piped line that were ready to close in a couple months